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Georg Korpas


We specialize in the design and creation of special makeup effects, astonishing cinematic creature effects, animatronics, action props and dental. Our goal is to provide you with Germany’s most experienced and talented effects to give life to the things at the cinema or tv screens.

Georg Korpás Make-up & Prosthetics is located in Munich, Germany and the studio is lead by Georg Korpás himself.

He works since the mid 90ies as a SFX Make-up Artist and is meanwhile one of the most requested SFX & Prosthetics specialists in Germany.

Georg Korpás and his team offer all about Special SFX Make-Up, models, dental solutions, dummies, creatures and props for movies, tv, music and advertising industry.

There is a well equipped studio which can offer all from concept, modelling to realisation and supervision on set.

Georg Korpás' special areas are complex masks and special make-up effects. SFX Make-up like burns, scars, bullet holes in bodies, stabs from a knife, skin diseases, mutations and teeth in every way – misaligned teeth, yellowed teeth, very beautiful or very deformed teeth. Everything is possible or we make it possible. He started his career with working with Michael „Bully“ Herbig at „Bullyparade“– a comedy sketch series at PRO7, and for the cinema movies „Stefan&Erkan" and „Manitu’s Shoe".

As a Make-up Artist he specialised in Prosthetics & SFX-Makeup, making of creatures, dummies (burned, drowned, frozen corpse or war dead bodies), animatronics (fish, wolf, talking frogs, trees or apples) and props.

He worked as Head of SFX Make-up on many movies in the last years like (T)raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1, Bibi Blocksberg, Hui Buh, Red Baron, Krabat, Brandner Kaspar, Wickie, Jerry Cotton and many more. Have a look at projects to see images.

On many other movies like “John Rabe” he did the preparation and delivered all wounds which were used by Make-up Artists on set or he just delivered dummies to show frozen corpse in the swiss mountains like for „North Face“.

Have a look at the portfolio for a short overview.


Member at BVM e.V.

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